Cable One Arm Pulldown

Cable One Arm Pulldown


This exercise involves using a cable machine to perform a one-arm pulldown, which targets the back muscles, particularly the latissimus dorsi. The movement involves pulling the cable down towards the body while keeping the arm straight, and then slowly releasing it back up to the starting position.

Muscle Group

Equipment Required

Cable One Arm Pulldown Instructions

  1. Attach a single handle to a high pulley cable machine.
  2. Stand facing the machine and grab the handle with one hand.
  3. Step back a few feet to create tension in the cable.
  4. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent.
  5. Engage your core and keep your back straight.
  6. Exhale and pull the handle down towards your side, keeping your elbow close to your body.
  7. Pause for a second at the bottom of the movement, squeezing your back muscles.
  8. Inhale and slowly release the handle back to the starting position.
  9. Repeat for the desired number of reps, then switch sides and repeat.

Cable One Arm Pulldown Form & Visual

Cable One Arm Pulldown

Cable One Arm Pulldown Benefits

  • Targets the latissimus dorsi muscle, which is responsible for pulling movements and contributes to overall back strength and posture
  • Helps to improve grip strength and forearm development
  • Allows for unilateral training, which can help to correct muscle imbalances between the left and right sides of the body
  • Can be easily modified by adjusting the weight or using different attachments, making it suitable for a wide range of fitness levels and goals
  • Provides a safe and controlled movement pattern, reducing the risk of injury compared to other back exercises that involve more dynamic movements

Cable One Arm Pulldown Muscles Worked

  • Latissimus dorsi
  • Teres major
  • Rhomboids
  • Trapezius
  • Biceps brachii

Cable One Arm Pulldown Variations & Alternatives

  • Wide grip cable one arm pulldown
  • Narrow grip cable one arm pulldown
  • Reverse grip cable one arm pulldown
  • Single arm cable pulldown with twist
  • Single arm cable pulldown with resistance band