Cable Bar Lateral Pulldown

Cable Bar Lateral Pulldown


This exercise involves using a cable machine and a bar attachment to perform a pulling motion that targets the muscles in the back and arms. The bar is pulled down towards the chest while keeping the elbows close to the body, and then slowly released back up to the starting position.

Muscle Group

Equipment Required

Cable Bar Lateral Pulldown Instructions

  1. Adjust the weight on the cable machine to a comfortable level.
  2. Attach the cable bar to the pulley at the top of the machine.
  3. Stand facing the machine with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent.
  4. Grasp the cable bar with an overhand grip, with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.
  5. Engage your core and pull the cable bar down towards your chest, keeping your elbows close to your body.
  6. Pause for a moment at the bottom of the movement, then slowly release the bar back up to the starting position.
  7. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Cable Bar Lateral Pulldown Form & Visual

Cable Bar Lateral Pulldown

Cable Bar Lateral Pulldown Benefits

  • Targets the latissimus dorsi muscles, which are responsible for pulling the arms down and back.
  • Improves upper body strength and posture.
  • Can be adjusted to target different areas of the back and arms.
  • Allows for a full range of motion, which can increase flexibility and mobility.
  • Can be done with different variations and grips to add variety to a workout routine.

Cable Bar Lateral Pulldown Muscles Worked

  • Latissimus dorsi
  • Trapezius
  • Rhomboids
  • Biceps brachii
  • Forearm flexors

Cable Bar Lateral Pulldown Variations & Alternatives

  • Wide grip cable bar lateral pulldown
  • Narrow grip cable bar lateral pulldown
  • Reverse grip cable bar lateral pulldown
  • Single arm cable bar lateral pulldown
  • Behind the neck cable bar lateral pulldown