Band Pushdown

Band Pushdown


This exercise involves using a resistance band attached to a high anchor point to perform tricep pushdowns. The band provides constant tension throughout the movement, making it a challenging and effective exercise for building tricep strength and definition.

Muscle Group

Equipment Required

Band Pushdown Instructions

  1. Start by attaching a resistance band to a sturdy anchor point, such as a door frame or squat rack.
  2. Stand facing away from the anchor point and hold the band with both hands at shoulder height, palms facing forward.
  3. Step forward to create tension in the band, keeping your feet shoulder-width apart and your core engaged.
  4. Slowly lower your hands down towards your chest, keeping your elbows close to your sides.
  5. Pause at the bottom of the movement, then slowly push your hands back up to the starting position.
  6. Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Band Pushdown Form & Visual

Band Pushdown

Band Pushdown Benefits

  • Targets the triceps muscles, helping to build strength and definition in the arms
  • Can be done with a resistance band, making it a convenient exercise to do at home or while traveling
  • Allows for a full range of motion, helping to engage the triceps muscles more effectively
  • Can be modified by changing the position of the hands or the resistance of the band to increase or decrease the difficulty of the exercise
  • Helps to improve overall upper body strength and stability

Band Pushdown Muscles Worked

  • Triceps brachii
  • Anconeus

Band Pushdown Variations & Alternatives

  • Single-arm band pushdown
  • Reverse-grip band pushdown
  • Overhead band pushdown
  • Close-grip band pushdown
  • Wide-grip band pushdown
  • Paused band pushdown
  • Slow eccentric band pushdown
  • Band pushdown with external rotation
  • Band pushdown with internal rotation