Cable One Arm Tricep Pushdown

Cable One Arm Tricep Pushdown


This exercise involves using a cable machine to perform a tricep pushdown with one arm at a time. The movement involves extending the arm down towards the floor while keeping the elbow stationary, targeting the tricep muscles.

Muscle Group

Equipment Required

Cable One Arm Tricep Pushdown Instructions

  1. Attach a single handle to a cable machine at the highest setting.
  2. Stand facing the machine with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent.
  3. Grasp the handle with one hand and bring your elbow to your side, keeping your upper arm stationary.
  4. Exhale and extend your arm down until it is fully extended, feeling the contraction in your tricep.
  5. Inhale and slowly return to the starting position, keeping your elbow close to your side.
  6. Repeat for desired number of reps, then switch arms and repeat the exercise.

Cable One Arm Tricep Pushdown Form & Visual

Cable One Arm Tricep Pushdown

Cable One Arm Tricep Pushdown Benefits

  • Targets the triceps muscles, helping to build strength and definition in the back of the arms
  • Allows for isolation of one arm at a time, helping to correct any muscle imbalances between the left and right sides of the body
  • Can be easily adjusted to accommodate different fitness levels and goals by changing the weight or resistance used
  • Requires minimal equipment and can be done at most gyms or fitness centers
  • Can be incorporated into a larger upper body workout routine for a well-rounded and effective workout

Cable One Arm Tricep Pushdown Muscles Worked

  • Triceps brachii

Cable One Arm Tricep Pushdown Variations & Alternatives

  • Single Arm Cable Tricep Pushdown
  • Reverse Grip Cable Tricep Pushdown
  • Overhead Cable Tricep Extension
  • Standing Cable Tricep Extension
  • Close Grip Cable Tricep Pushdown