Skip Jump Rope

Skip Jump Rope


The exercise involves skipping and jumping while holding a rope. The rope is swung over the head and under the feet as the person jumps and skips. It is a cardiovascular exercise that improves coordination and endurance.

Muscle Group

Equipment Required

Skip Jump Rope Instructions

  1. Hold the jump rope handles in each hand and stand with your feet together.
  2. Swing the rope over your head and jump over it with both feet.
  3. As the rope comes down, jump again and this time, skip over the rope with one foot while the other foot stays on the ground.
  4. On the next jump, switch feet and skip over the rope with the other foot while the first foot stays on the ground.
  5. Continue alternating between jumping over the rope with both feet and skipping over it with one foot at a time.
  6. Try to maintain a steady rhythm and increase your speed as you become more comfortable with the exercise.

Skip Jump Rope Form & Visual

Skip Jump Rope

Skip Jump Rope Benefits

  • Targets the triceps muscles
  • Helps to build strength and muscle mass in the arms
  • Can be done with a variety of weights and resistance levels
  • Provides a safe and controlled movement with the use of the Smith machine
  • Allows for isolation of the triceps muscles, reducing the involvement of other muscle groups
  • Can be easily modified to target different areas of the triceps

Skip Jump Rope Muscles Worked

  • Calves
  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
  • Core muscles
  • Shoulders
  • Forearms

Skip Jump Rope Variations & Alternatives

  • skip
  • jump
  • rope