Best Workouts for V Line

Workouts For V Line Abs

Looking to carve out that coveted V-line? You’re in the right place. We’ve got the lowdown on the best workouts to help you achieve those chiseled obliques.

These workouts aren’t just for aesthetics, they’re about strength and stability too. So, whether you’re a gym newbie or a seasoned pro, let’s dive into the exercises that’ll get you that V-line you’re after.

Remember, consistency is key. With the right routine and a dash of determination, you’ll be flaunting your V-line in no time. So, let’s get to work, shall we?

Plank Variations

One of your go-to exercises should definitely be plank variations. Planks sculpt your core, challenging your abs and obliques and helping you in your quest for the coveted V-line. These workouts are adaptable and beneficial for everyone – from gym newbies to the seasoned fitness enthusiasts.

Classic Planks

Approaching the world of planks, start with the classic plank. Maintain a straight-line form from your head to your heels, rest your weight on your forearms and toes, and keep your body rigid. It’s vital to engage your core and squeeze your glutes throughout the exercise. Attempt to hold this position for a minute, working up to 2-3 minutes as you get stronger. Regularly practicing the classic plank will set a firm foundation for more advanced plank variations.

Side Planks

Next on the list, take on side planks to give your obliques a more targeted workout. Begin in the classic plank position, then rotate onto one side, stacking your feet and lifting the opposite arm toward the ceiling. Maintain a straight line from your head to your feet and hold the pose for 30-60 seconds on each side.

Plank Variation Target Area Duration
Classic Plank Core 60-180 sec
Side Plank Obliques 30-60 sec per side

Elevated Planks

Venturing further into the realm of planks, include elevated planks into your routine. To perform this, assume the classic plank position but with your feet elevated on a bench or step. This version enhances the challenge for your core, accelerating your journey to a defined V-line.

Walking Planks

Lastly, incorporate walking planks. Not only does this variation target your obliques, but it also brings in the upper body exercise. Get into a classic plank position but on your hands instead of forearms. Then, starting with either side, lower onto your forearm and follow with the other, getting back to a forearm plank. Reverse the movement to come back up to a hand plank.

Plank Variation Target Area Additional Benefits
Elevated Plank Core Increased challenge
Walking Plank Obliques Upper body workout

Russian Twists

A critical addition to your core-sculpting arsenal, Russian Twists combine strength and endurance in a move that targets your obliques, abs, and back. This versatile exercise can amp up your intensity level, further sculpting your V-line and strengthening your core.

Begin by sitting on the floor with your knees bent at 90 degrees. Recline your upper body slightly, bracing your core and keeping your spine neutral. Extend your hands in front of you, clasping them for stability. Now, here’s where the twist comes into play: pivot on your glutes to rotate your torso from left to right, tapping the floor by your hips on each side. Remember, it’s a twist, not a swing; let your abs do the twisting work, not your arms.

As you progress, to elevate your workout difficulty, consider using a weight like a medicine ball or a dumbbell. Add it to your clasped hands as you twist. Be sure, however, to maintain proper form – twisting from your core!

For the sake of easy tracking and progression, consider the table below:

Week Repetitions per Set
1 15
2 20
3 25
4 30

Adopt the Russian twist into your routine and feel the burn in your abs and obliques right away. Remember, when it comes to strengthening your core for that V-shaped physique, consistency is key. So keep twisting and turning, and soon your abs routine won’t feel complete without the Russian twists. No doubt about it, Russian twists can bring an incredible diversity to your playbook.

But wait, there’s more. Upper body strengthening takes equal precedence along with core. Let’s show some love to another effective move that syncs well with the Russian twist – the Renegade Row. What’s that, you may ask? Well, let’s dive into it in the next chapter.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers are a dynamic, full-body exercise that puts special emphasis on your abs. They’re ideal for those targeting the V-line physique. This exercise mimics the motion of climbing a steep hill, all while lying secure on a flat surface. Not only do they focus on your abs, but they increase your heart rate as well – offering both muscular and cardiovascular advantages.

You begin in a traditional plank position – hands directly under your shoulders, body straight from head to heels. Your core should engage as you pull one knee towards your chest, then quickly switch, pulling the other knee in as the first foot kicks back. It’s like running on the spot, in a plank pose.

Keep your abs drawn in so you continue to work your core muscles as you speed up your foot switches. To keep the exercise lower impact, you can slow down your switches or step your feet in and out rather than hopping. This feature of customization can make Mountain Climbers great for all fitness levels.

Mountain climbers may also be performed on an incline to reduce the difficulty, or on a decline to increase the challenge. Remember to maintain a solid plank with your body line straight; this will – no doubt – work your abs even more.

You can incorporate Mountain Climbers into your fitness routine by doing intervals, combined with other high-intensity workouts. Alternating between high intensity and low-intensity workouts could help maximize your results.

As with Russian twists, you’ll want to have a progression plan in place. Starting with a moderate number of reps – maybe 20 per side – and gradually increase the counts over the weeks, as you continually push your body to its limits can yield great results.

Here’s a simple progression plan you can follow:

Week Reps per side
1 20
2 30
3 40
4 50

Consistency, as always, is key. Incorporating Mountain Climbers into your workout routine will help you foster that desirable V-line physique. And when coupled with other exercises like Russian Twists and, as we’ll delve into soon, Renegade Rows, you’re building an effective, well-rounded approach to fitness. So, prep your workout mat and get climbing.

Bicycle Crunches

Adding Bicycle Crunches to your routine is another way to work toward that desired V-line. This exercise not only targets your abs but also involves your obliques and lower abs, promoting a balanced body shape.

To perform Bicycle Crunches, begin by lying flat on your back on a mat. Place your hands behind your head, then lift your knees to your chest while bringing your shoulder blades off the ground, without pulling on your neck. Straighten your right leg out to about a 45-degree angle from the ground while turning your upper body left, bringing your right elbow toward your left knee. Switch sides, bringing your left elbow towards your right knee. That’s one rep.

Just like in Mountain Climbers, you can modify the intensity of Bicycle Crunches based on your fitness level. Beginners may want to start with slower and more controlled movements, while more advanced individuals can pick up the pace. Remember, it’s the quality of the motion that counts, not speed.

Similar to Mountain Climbers and Russian Twists, adding Bicycle Crunches to your training regimen will reap significant benefits, if practiced consistently.

Here’s a basic plan to follow for incorporating Bicycle Crunches into your workout routine:

Week Reps
1 10
2 15
3 20
4 25

You can adjust these counts as needed, but ensure an incremental increase every week.

You’re halfway there to achieving your fitness goals. Stability, Strength, and Dedication are the keys when it comes to sculpting your body. The integration of exercises like Bicycle Crunches, together with Mountain Climbers and Russian Twists, forms a well-rounded routine. Brace yourself as we move onto our next exercise: Renegade Rows.

Leg Raises

After performing the previous exercises in your fitness regimen, it’s about time you expand your workout routine with Leg Raises. This spectacular addition is a go-to for those wishing to fine-tune the lower part of their abs as well as the v-line.

At first glance, leg raises may seem easy, but don’t let this assumption mislead you. They’re more challenging than they appear and require a certain finesse to execute correctly. When performed correctly, they have the ability to fire up both the abs and obliques, contributing significantly to your v-line goals.

Begin your leg raises by lying flat on your back with your arms at your sides. Keep your legs straight, slowly raise them all the way up to the ceiling until you have a 90-degree angle with your torso. Then, lower them back down, but never allowing them to completely touch the floor. Your abs should be engaged throughout the entire process, ensuring there’s no strain on your lower back. Remember, the slower your movement, the more intense the burn will be.

Incorporating Leg Raises into Your Routine

As with many things in life, it’s not about how many you can do, but rather about how well you can do them. Start off with low repetitions, perhaps five to ten raises, then gradually increase as your body gets used to the movement. Here’s a possible weekly progression plan:

Week Leg Raises
1 5-10
2 15-20
3 25-30
4 35-40

Don’t underestimate the versatility of leg raises. This exercise can be performed hanging on a bar, lying on the floor, or using a bench. Find the variation that best suits you and gets you one step closer to your desired v-line physique.

Although quite challenging, your dedication, strength, and endurance are continuously being refined with each session. You are continuously moving closer to achieving your coveted v-line. Rest assured, with the inclusion of exercises like Bicycle Crunches, Mountain Climbers, Russian Twists and now, Leg Raises, your fitness regimen is on the right track. Get ready to explore another promising exercise, Renegade Rows.


You’ve got the power to sculpt your desired V-line physique. By now, you should have a clear understanding of how to use Leg Raises, Bicycle Crunches, Mountain Climbers, and Russian Twists to target your lower abs and obliques. Remember, it’s all about maintaining proper form and gradually increasing your repetitions over time. The versatility of these workouts allows you to mix them up, keeping your routine fresh and challenging. But the real secret lies in your dedication and consistency. Put in the work, stick to your routine, and you’ll see the results you’re after. And don’t forget, we’ve got more to share. Stay tuned for our next post on Renegade Rows, another game-changer in your quest for a V-line physique.

What exercise is the article focused on?

The article focuses on Leg Raises, an exercise that effectively targets the lower abs and v-line.

Why is proper form significant in performing Leg Raises?

Proper form is crucial for Leg Raises as it ensures correct muscle engagement, especially in the abs and obliques, while preventing potential injuries.

How should beginners start performing Leg Raises?

Beginners should start with a lower number of repetitions and progressively increase them over weeks, ensuring they maintain proper form.

What other exercises are suggested for a V-line physique?

The article suggests other exercises like Bicycle Crunches, Mountain Climbers, and Russian Twists alongside Leg Raises to achieve a V-line physique.

What is the key to refining strength and endurance?

The key to refining strength and endurance is dedication and consistency in performing these exercises over time.

What is the next exercise to be introduced in the upcoming article?

The upcoming article will introduce Renegade Rows as another exercise for achieving a V-line physique.