Standing Abdominal Vacuum

Standing Abdominal Vacuum


This exercise involves standing upright and contracting the abdominal muscles while exhaling, creating a vacuum-like sensation in the stomach. It is a low-impact exercise that can help improve core strength and posture.

Muscle Group

Equipment Required

Standing Abdominal Vacuum Instructions

  1. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Take a deep breath in through your nose.
  3. As you exhale through your mouth, suck your belly button in towards your spine as much as possible.
  4. Hold this position for 10-20 seconds, or as long as you can.
  5. Release and take a deep breath in again.
  6. Repeat for 10-15 repetitions.

Standing Abdominal Vacuum Form & Visual

Standing Abdominal Vacuum

Standing Abdominal Vacuum Benefits

  • Strengthens and tones the calf muscles
  • Improves ankle stability and balance
  • Helps prevent injuries such as ankle sprains and Achilles tendonitis
  • Can be done with minimal equipment and in a variety of settings
  • Can be easily modified to increase or decrease difficulty

Standing Abdominal Vacuum Muscles Worked

  • Transverse abdominis
  • Internal obliques
  • Rectus abdominis
  • Erector spinae

Standing Abdominal Vacuum Variations & Alternatives

  • Seated abdominal vacuum
  • Kneeling abdominal vacuum
  • Plank abdominal vacuum
  • Side plank abdominal vacuum
  • Standing oblique vacuum