Dumbbell Decline Bench Press

Dumbbell Decline Bench Press


This exercise involves lying on a decline bench and using dumbbells to perform a chest press. The decline angle targets the lower portion of the chest muscles.

Muscle Group

Equipment Required

Dumbbell Decline Bench Press Instructions

  1. Set up a decline bench at a 30-45 degree angle.
  2. Choose a pair of dumbbells that you can comfortably lift for 8-12 reps.
  3. Lie down on the bench with your feet secured at the end of the bench.
  4. Hold the dumbbells with an overhand grip and extend your arms straight up above your chest.
  5. Inhale and slowly lower the dumbbells towards your chest, keeping your elbows at a 45-degree angle.
  6. Pause for a moment at the bottom of the movement, then exhale and push the dumbbells back up to the starting position.
  7. Repeat for the desired number of reps.
  8. When finished, carefully place the dumbbells on the floor and sit up.

Dumbbell Decline Bench Press Form & Visual

Dumbbell Decline Bench Press

Dumbbell Decline Bench Press Benefits

  • Targets the lower portion of the chest muscles
  • Increases strength and muscle mass in the chest, shoulders, and triceps
  • Improves overall upper body pushing strength
  • Engages the core muscles for stability and balance
  • Allows for a greater range of motion compared to a flat bench press
  • Can be modified for different fitness levels by adjusting the weight and angle of the bench

Dumbbell Decline Bench Press Muscles Worked

  • Pectoralis major (lower fibers)
  • Triceps brachii
  • Anterior deltoids

Dumbbell Decline Bench Press Variations & Alternatives