Walking on Incline Treadmill

Walking On Incline Treadmill


This exercise involves walking on a treadmill that is set at an incline, which increases the intensity of the workout and targets the muscles in the legs and glutes. It can be a great cardiovascular exercise and can also help with weight loss and toning.

Muscle Group

Equipment Required

Walking on Incline Treadmill Instructions

  1. Start by adjusting the incline on the treadmill to your desired level.
  2. Step onto the treadmill and begin walking at a slow pace.
  3. Keep your posture upright and engage your core muscles.
  4. As you walk, focus on taking long strides and landing on the balls of your feet.
  5. Continue walking for 20-30 minutes, gradually increasing the speed and incline as you feel comfortable.
  6. Once you have completed your workout, gradually decrease the speed and incline before stepping off the treadmill.
  7. Stretch your legs and lower back to cool down and prevent injury.

Walking on Incline Treadmill Form & Visual

Walking on Incline Treadmill

Walking on Incline Treadmill Benefits

  • Increases cardiovascular endurance
  • Burns calories and aids in weight loss
  • Strengthens lower body muscles, including calves, quads, and glutes
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Reduces stress and improves mood
  • Low-impact exercise, making it easier on joints
  • Can be adjusted to different incline levels for varying levels of intensity

Walking on Incline Treadmill Muscles Worked

  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
  • Calf muscles
  • Abdominals
  • Back muscles

Walking on Incline Treadmill Variations & Alternatives

  • Walking on Flat Treadmill
  • Walking on Stair Climber
  • Hiking on a Trail
  • Walking on a Steep Hill
  • Walking with a Weighted Vest