Lever Lying Leg Curl

Lever Lying Leg Curl


This exercise involves lying face down on a bench and using a lever to curl your legs towards your buttocks, targeting the hamstrings. It is a popular isolation exercise for strengthening and toning the back of the legs.

Muscle Group

Equipment Required

Lever Lying Leg Curl Instructions

  1. Adjust the machine to fit your body size and lie face down on the bench with your knees just off the end.
  2. Place your legs under the padded lever bar, making sure that the bar is resting comfortably above your ankles.
  3. Grasp the side handles of the machine and ensure that your body is flat and straight on the bench.
  4. Keeping your hips flat on the bench, exhale and curl your legs up towards your buttocks as far as possible.
  5. Hold the contraction for a second and then inhale as you slowly lower your legs back to the starting position.
  6. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Lever Lying Leg Curl Form & Visual

Lever Lying Leg Curl

Lever Lying Leg Curl Benefits

  • Targets the hamstrings, which are important for knee stability and athletic performance
  • Isolates the hamstrings, allowing for a more focused and intense workout
  • Can be adjusted to target different areas of the hamstrings by changing foot placement
  • Helps to improve flexibility and range of motion in the hamstrings
  • Can be done with minimal equipment, making it a convenient exercise to do at home or in a gym

Lever Lying Leg Curl Muscles Worked

  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes

Lever Lying Leg Curl Variations & Alternatives

  • Seated Leg Curl
  • Standing Leg Curl
  • Prone Leg Curl
  • Single Leg Curl
  • Hamstring Curl on Stability Ball