Band Lying Leg Curl

Band Lying Leg Curl


This exercise involves lying face down on a leg curl machine and curling your legs up towards your buttocks using a band for resistance. It primarily targets the hamstrings and glutes.

Muscle Group

Equipment Required

Band Lying Leg Curl Instructions

  1. Adjust the machine to fit your body size and lie face down on the bench with your knees just off the end.
  2. Hook the resistance band around your ankles and attach the other end to the weight stack.
  3. Keeping your hips pressed into the bench, curl your legs up towards your glutes, squeezing your hamstrings at the top of the movement.
  4. Slowly lower your legs back down to the starting position, keeping tension on the band throughout the entire movement.
  5. Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Band Lying Leg Curl Form & Visual

Band Lying Leg Curl

Band Lying Leg Curl Benefits

  • Targets the hamstrings, which are important for knee stability and overall lower body strength
  • Can be done with minimal equipment, making it a convenient exercise to do at home or while traveling
  • Allows for a greater range of motion compared to traditional machine-based leg curls
  • Engages the core muscles for added stability and balance
  • Can be easily modified by adjusting the resistance band or adding ankle weights for increased difficulty

Band Lying Leg Curl Muscles Worked

  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes

Band Lying Leg Curl Variations & Alternatives

  • Single leg lying leg curl
  • Seated leg curl
  • Standing leg curl
  • Prone leg curl
  • Swiss ball leg curl