Cable Pulldown Bicep Curl

Cable Pulldown Bicep Curl


This exercise involves using a cable machine to perform a bicep curl while also engaging the back muscles through a pulldown motion. It is a compound exercise that targets both the biceps and back muscles.

Muscle Group

Equipment Required

Cable Pulldown Bicep Curl Instructions

  1. Attach a straight bar to the cable pulldown machine.
  2. Adjust the weight to a comfortable level.
  3. Stand facing the machine with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  4. Grasp the bar with an underhand grip, with your hands shoulder-width apart.
  5. Keep your elbows close to your sides and your shoulders down and back.
  6. Exhale and curl the bar towards your chest, keeping your elbows stationary.
  7. Pause for a moment at the top of the movement, squeezing your biceps.
  8. Inhale and slowly lower the bar back to the starting position.
  9. Repeat for desired number of reps.

Cable Pulldown Bicep Curl Form & Visual

Cable Pulldown Bicep Curl

Cable Pulldown Bicep Curl Benefits

  • Targets both the biceps and back muscles
  • Helps to improve overall upper body strength
  • Can be easily adjusted to accommodate different fitness levels
  • Allows for a full range of motion, which can help to prevent injury
  • Can be performed using a variety of equipment, including cables, bands, and dumbbells

Cable Pulldown Bicep Curl Muscles Worked

  • Biceps brachii
  • Brachialis
  • Brachioradialis

Cable Pulldown Bicep Curl Variations & Alternatives