Cat Pose

Cat Pose


This exercise involves getting on all fours and arching your back like a cat, while inhaling and exhaling deeply. It helps to stretch and strengthen the spine, as well as improve flexibility and balance.

Muscle Group

Equipment Required

Cat Pose Instructions

  1. Start on your hands and knees with your wrists directly under your shoulders and your knees directly under your hips.
  2. As you exhale, round your spine toward the ceiling, tucking your chin to your chest and bringing your tailbone toward your knees.
  3. Hold for a few breaths, feeling the stretch in your back.
  4. As you inhale, release the pose and return to a neutral tabletop position.
  5. Repeat the pose for several rounds of breath, focusing on the movement of your spine.

Cat Pose Form & Visual

Cat Pose

Cat Pose Benefits

  • Stretches the spine and neck
  • Relieves stress and tension in the back and shoulders
  • Improves flexibility in the spine
  • Massages the digestive organs, aiding in digestion
  • Can help alleviate menstrual cramps
  • Calms the mind and promotes relaxation

Cat Pose Muscles Worked

  • Abdominal muscles
  • Back muscles
  • Neck muscles
  • Shoulder muscles

Cat Pose Variations & Alternatives