Power Sled Push

Power Sled Push


This exercise involves pushing a weighted sled along a track or surface using your legs and core muscles. It is a popular exercise for building lower body strength and endurance.

Muscle Group

Equipment Required

Power Sled Push Instructions

  1. Start by standing behind the power sled with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Place your hands on the sled’s handles and lower your hips into a squatting position.
  3. Push the sled forward by driving through your legs and keeping your back straight.
  4. Continue pushing the sled until you reach the desired distance or time.
  5. Rest for a few seconds and repeat for the desired number of sets.

Power Sled Push Form & Visual

Power Sled Push

Power Sled Push Benefits

  • Strengthens the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core muscles
  • Improves upper body stability and balance
  • Increases overall upper body strength and endurance
  • Can be modified for different fitness levels and goals
  • Can be done with minimal equipment or in a gym setting
  • May improve posture and reduce risk of injury in daily activities

Power Sled Push Muscles Worked

  • Quadriceps
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
  • Core

Power Sled Push Variations & Alternatives

  • power sled pull
  • power sled drag
  • power sled march
  • power sled sprint
  • power sled row